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Is Couples Coaching right for me?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Couple coaching is not about deciding whether you have to split up or stay together. Couple coaching is about exploring what works, what doesn’t work, how it can work better and whether or not you ‘both’ really want it to work.

So what is your perfect relationship and how can you create it?

Relationships are connected to our strongest emotions and when we have positive relationships, we have positive feelings, like happiness, fulfilment, confidence and love.

Everyone has their ups and downs and can sometimes struggle under the pressures of every day life. But unaddressed conflicts and poor communication are not healthy, and when we are in a relationship that is not easy to navigate, it can leave us feeling exhausted, bewildered, frustrated and often with a sense of feeling alone.

Things can easily escalate and before you know it, one or both of you are feeling like it is time to get out or move on… But is this really what you want?

Couple coaching is not just about 2 people and their relationship; it is about 2 people and all of the relationships associated with them.

Of course there will often be similarities, but you both have to constantly consider your partner’s feelings around decisions that are made and that is not always easy.

You both have your own likes, dislikes, wants and needs and couples coaching can help you explore why and how you experience different challenges, because you are both different.


5 reasons why people choose Couple Coaching:

  • Don’t feel valued, respected or loved

  • A lack of communication

  • Trust has been broken and you don’t know how to move forward

  • You want different things

  • Everything has changed

So why choose Couple Coaching?

Couple Coaching offers you both a safe space to voice your feelings and frustrations, without the worry of emotions running out of control. Sometimes we find it hard to express what we are really feeling in a way that gets our point across without upsetting our partner. Things can escalate due to miscommunications and over sensitivity around different challenges. Working with a coach can help you both to manage things differently.

How Couple Coaching Can Help You:

  • Connect with and support each other despite your differences

  • Listen to your partner’s needs and recognise each other’s triggers

  • Communicate clearly and be able to discuss things more openly

  • Find solutions to longstanding conflicts and commit to action

  • Look at your personal goals and your goals as a couple

If you would like to find out more then please contact me

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