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About Me

Experiences in my own life led me on my journey of wellness and a lot of my strengths and values were developed along the way. This is what really inspired me to help others.


A personal and empathetic approach is paramount to me and I hold that at the heart of everything I do. You will always deal with me directly, right from our very first phone call or e-mail


I am a relationship coach and NLP Master Practitioner. I have also gained many other qualifications in areas that are important to me, such as Grief Counselling, Heartmath resilience coaching, Mental Health First Aid, Training & Delivering Learning and Horse Assisted Education.


With the use of my unique skillset, I will support and guide you in facilitating your own personal journey. My aim is to get you to a point of clarity, so that you know exactly what you want, why you want it and how you will get it.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

My Mission

My mission is to teach people techniques that they can use to live  life at its absolute best, I will help guide people into creating their own happy and healthy relationships. 

As a relationship coach I am constantly working on myself to ensure that I am at my best for myself and my clients. I love to share my knowledge, tips and thoughts with a wider audience.


If coaching is something that isn't possible for you at the moment, or you don't quite feel ready for it, then my Instagram and blog may be a great start for you. Here I offer free advice and knowledge that I think is useful or interesting. 

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