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What is Horse Assisted Education and how can it help me?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

So how do you move half a tonne of horse? And why on earth would you want to?

Working with horses is probably one of the most empowering and therapeutic experiences that you will have. A horse is 100% genuine, they do not hide their feelings, they have no reason to. They are open, honest and will challenge you in a way that you have never been challenged before.

When a horse wants to walk calmly beside you and follow you it creates a very respectful andcial bond. However, a horse will not go with you unless he can sense that you are being authentic and that you can offer him trust, respect and clear leadership.

Are these qualities currently showing up in your relationships?

An average horse’s heart rate at rest is generally between 30 to 40 beats per minute, which is considerably lower than the average human. Therefore, when we are in a calm environment with a herd (or a horse) we will naturally start to feel calmer, more relaxed and much more open to authentic learning.

During a Horse Assisted Coaching session you may start out feeling a bit vulnerable, especially if you are not used to working with horses. Generally when people come to me with a fear of horses they end up wanting to take the horses home! When you learn how to communicate non-verbally with a horse and the horse listens and responds to you it can be one of the most significant and empowering lessons that you will learn.


5 reasons why people choose Horse Assisted Education:

  • Lack of self confidence

  • Difficulty setting boundaries

  • Inability to communicate clearly and get your point across

  • Struggling to stay calm under pressure

  • Feeling like you have lost your direction and focus

So why choose Horse Assisted Education?

During a HAE session, the horses will give you instant positive feedback. This encourages you to identify and understand behavioural patterns and how that impacts you on a day-to-day basis.

You will learn intuitively about the affects of your own body language and behaviour and how this might be impacting others. It increases self-awareness and builds on trust and respect. It easily identifies your core strengths and weaknesses and encourages you to reflect on current relationships and emotions.

How Horse Assisted Education can help you?

  • Set clear boundaries

  • Increase Self-Confidence

  • Gain clarity through being authentic

  • Communicate without using any words

  • Learn new problem solving skills

  • Improve, control and slow your breathing making you feel more calm and relaxed

If you would like to find out more then please contact me

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