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What is Time Line Therapy and how can it help me?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Time Line Therapy (TLT) is a powerful and instant form of therapy. It is a therapeutic process that has evolved from hypnosis techniques. It allows a person to eliminate painful memories, overcome negative emotions and understand how and why these memories impact our current lives.

TLT has been called a form of reprogramming. It was designed to release the effects of negative experiences, enabling you to let go of past influences and unwanted emotions. Basically, it helps you to let go of the past. Many of us hold onto past experiences and struggle to let go of them and move on. TLT is a quick and direct option to do this. TLT has been based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis theories. It was developed by applying a process to the idea that we store our memories in a linear way in our internal memory storage system; it is a powerful therapeutic process.

One of the major benefits of TLT is the instant and transformative impact just one session can have. When you have a TLT session people have said that it feels like somebody has turned a light on. Suddenly things that have kept you physically or emotionally stuck are released and new opportunities are instantly available to you.


5 Reasons why people choose Time Line Therapy (TLT)

  • You are struggling to let go of something in your past

  • Your emotional triggers are heightened (e.g. you get angry very quickly for no real reason)

  • You feel very negative about most things

  • You are struggling to deal with day to day things

  • You feel emotionally exhausted

So why choose Time Line Therapy (TLT)?

Imagine carrying a dustbin around on your back and every time something negative happens in your life you throw it into the dustbin. After a while you will become exhausted from carrying around all the weight of this negativity. Time Line Therapy will help you to empty the dustbin!

Time Line Therapy is simple, safe and really effective and the benefits are instant. In as little as one session you can start to make real positive changes in your life.

So how can Time Line Therapy help you?

  • Release long standing negative emotions & stress

  • Understand past traumas and events

  • Get instant relief from excess baggage

  • Deal with challenges much more calmly and positively in the future

  • Create a more positive outlook and set new personal goals

If you would like to find out more then please contact me

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