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How I can help 

1-1 Coaching

Ideal for individuals who are happy with the traditional coaching setting and want to work on themselves 

Available both online and in person.


For couples who are still committed to their relationship but are wanting to make positive changes

Available both in person and online

Walk & Talk Coaching

Ideal for people who want to avoid the 'on the coach' coaching environment, but still want the same results

You can even bring your own dog!

Horse Assisted Coaching

Ideal for  groups or  individuals who want to better understand  their communication style and how it impacts you and the people around you


Line Therapy

Ideal for people who's past experiences trigger emotions and make them overreactive in their day to day lives

Not Sure What's right for you?

Choosing which option can sometimes be overwhelming! Take a look at my blog and please get in touch to see how I can help you. 

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