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Horse Assisted Coaching

What to expect from Horse Assisted Coaching

Image by Lucia Macedo

Horse Assisted Coaching

So how do you move half a tonne of horse if the horse does not want to go with you?

Horse Assisted Education is a unique type of learning experience. During a HAE session you will not be expected to ride a horse, you will be working with the horses on the ground and they will be your teachers. You will learn quickly about the affects of your own body language and behaviour and how this might impact others.


HAE increases self-awareness and increases trust and respect. It rapidly identifies your core strengths and weaknesses and encourages you to reflect on current relationships and emotions.  

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How it can help you

During a HAE session, the horses will give you instant positive feedback. This encourages you to quickly identify and understand behavioural patterns and how they impact you from day to day. 


  • Set clear boundaries

  • Increase self confidence

  • Gain clarity through authenticity

  • Communicate without using any words

  • Learn new problem solving skills

  • Improve, control and calm your breathing

Image by Kayla Farmer
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