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1-1 Coaching

What to expect from 1-1 Coaching

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1-1 Coaching

When we are not functioning at our best it can be hard to show up as well as we might need to, or be expected to, for other people as well as for ourselves!


1 to 1 Coaching will help you to look closely at your relationship patterns and challenges. Sometimes patterns are created that we are not aware of. This can be a bad habit, or the outcome of something in our past that is still resonating with us. These behaviours shape us to be the people that we are, be that great or could be better…. However, there is always room for improvement!


Working 1 to 1 with a personal coach gets to the core issues quickly.

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How it can help you

1-1 Coaching allows us to work privately together in a non judgmental safe space.


  • Understand what your needs are in a happy, healthy relationship 

  • Recognise triggers and how they affect you and others 

  • Understand the impact of your responses 

  • Create healthy new patterns and behaviours 

Image by Werner Sevenster
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