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Walk & Talk Coaching

What to expect from Walk & Talk Coaching

Countryside Scenery


Walk&Talk is an innovative personal coaching service for individuals. This process is designed to break down barriers, taking you out of a sometimes daunting, traditional coaching setting and into nature. 


The momentum of walking and not having direct eye contact often allows people to express what they are feeling more freely in an organic environment. It is also shown to improve your general emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Together we will walk and talk at your own pace, in the beautiful local countryside, either alone (animal free), with your dog, or my dogs, Cooper and Ruby.

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How it can help you

Walk&Talk Coaching is a great way to take your first (or retake) steps into the coaching environment. Working together in the fresh air and open space 

  • Make it easier to take the first step into coaching 

  • Experience the same benefits as 1-1 Coaching in an environment that is better suited to you 

  • Enjoying nature and the outdoors is proven to reduce anxiety and depression, combining this with coaching can be very effective 

  • Fresh air and exercise can help to improve your overall mental wellbeing 

Image by Nigel Cohen
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