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Time Line Therapy

What to expect from Time Line Therapy

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Astronomical Clock

Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy is a therapeutic process that has grown from hypnosis techniques. TLT is one of the most powerful and instant forms of therapy. It allows a person to eliminate painful memories, overcome negative emotions and understand how and why these memories impact our current lives.


TLT was developed by applying a process to the store of linear memories that are held in our internal memory system. It allows us to explore memories that you are not consciously aware of.


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How it can help you

Time Line Therapy is simple, safe and really effective. There are countless benefits and many can be achieved in just one session. 


  • Release longstanding negative emotions 

  • Create a more positive outlook 

  • Understand past traumas and events 

  • Get instant relief from excess baggage

  • Deal with challenges more calmly and positively in the future 

Image by Steven Kamenar
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