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Couples Coaching

What to expect from Couples Coaching

Holding Hands

Couples Coaching

Everyone has their ups and downs and can sometimes struggle under the pressures of every day life; but unaddressed conflicts and poor communication are not healthy and  can leave us feeling exhausted, bewildered, frustrated and often with a sense of feeling alone.


In a relationship you not only need to consider your own needs but the needs of the other person. When one or both of you are not feeling your best this is when issues can escalate. 


Before it gets to a point of no return I can offer a safe space to voice your feelings and frustrations, without the worry of emotions getting out of control.

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How it can help you

Couples Coaching allows me to work with you as a couple to identify and help resolve the challenges you are experiencing. 

  • Connect with and support each other despite your differences 

  • Listen to your partner’s needs and recognise each other’s triggers

  • Communicate clearly and be able to discuss things more openly

  • Find solutions to longstanding conflicts and commit to action 

  • Look at your personal goals and your goals as a couple

  • See new perspectives that will create opportunities

I strongly recommend a session of 1 to 1 coaching outside of your couple’s coaching sessions.  How this works can be discussed during your first free 15-minute consultation.

Calm Lake
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